Collection: New Arrivals | May 8th | Fall & Winter Grab Bags

Our Fall/Winter Grab Bag Sale is coming this weekend and we’re so excited! ✨ This bi-annual sale has been one of our favorite WBT traditions to maintain!


🔸 Grab Bags are highly discounted & fun! They range in price & size, and sizes will be listed on the title for each Grab Bag.

🔸 We have grouped pieces together based on their actual fit & measurements (you can find our size chart on our website)

🔸 On each listing, you'll find a descriptive list of pieces included, & their individual prices

🔸 Stash them away for a sweet sweet surprise when you bring back your fall/winter clothes. 💃🏻

We have put a lot of time & love into getting these together, in an effort to make sure each one is cohesive in vibe & aesthetic! We can’t wait for you to open these! 🧡

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