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Tarot is powerful but it is also empowering. A way to look deeper into life, fine tune your connection to your spiritual journey, and sometimes it has a habit of keeping you entertained (if the cards are getting sassy)!

Tarot University is an 18+, 8 week course taking place every Wednesday night from 7pm - 8/8:30 at the Witch Bitch Black Box. Classes start September 13th and end November 1st.

This class, geared towards beginners, will be run by Calanthe Cavadini, an intuitive reader of almost two decades, and is perfect for those seeking a solid foundation and to learn the fundamentals of reading Tarot.

This course is not aimed at teaching you the meaning of every card but instead it is formed to help you practice utilizing your intuition, learn how to interpret the cards as their own language, and how to develop that language for your own practice.

Using a mix of lecture, group activities, workshops (and homework - there will be homework!) Calanthe's goal is for you to walk away feeling like you can hold your own comfortably reading for not only yourself but others as well.

Finding a Tarot mentor in person is not always an easy feat, and our hope is to help you discover your own goals and see them fulfilled under the supervision of someone who is extremely comfortable and confident in her practice.

We are looking for Students who are diligent, open minded, and willing to hold themselves accountable for the work that the class involves. Homework won't be checked, there are no pop quizzes, and there is no passing or failing but if you have that desire every fall to learn and let yourself be taught something important in a safe and supportive space, we have a feeling this will be the right class for you!

Course materials needed:

A Tarot deck
A journal
A bell or Pendulum for cleansing your cards
Bolt of silk for holding your cards (optional)
Reading mat (optional)

You have the option of separately purchasing a starter pack curated by Witch Bitch Thrift, in addition to course tuition.

The Starting Package includes:
  • New tarot deck
  • Stylized notebook
  • Pen
  • Book
  • Crystal pendulum
  • Bolt of silk

To make this course more accessible, we are offering tuition and packages through our website so students will be able to pay in installments using ShopPay. 
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