Meet our Collaborators:

We love collaborating! Early on, we started a project and set out to expand the community and support other small businesses. We aim to connect our customers to other shops, expand the reach of their business, and enhance our customers' shopping experience.

Meet our past collaborators and the incredible work they do, and if you think you have something to offer that might jive with us, fill out the form below to be considered for future collabs.


January, 2022

When we first laid eyes on Alyssa’s creations, we *knew* we had to bring them to you. 🖤 Alyssa has been a part of the WBT community basically since we started 🥺 and we are elated to be able to take our relationship to the next level with this collab. ✨

Purchase them on our Collaboration Collection!

Find more of them here here:


September, 2021

Kayla has been friends with Eva since they were young, and it was wonderful to be able to collab on a special project together.

The Zodiac Witch & Herbal Thrift masks were made exclusively for Witch Bitch w/ much love!

Find them here:


August, 2021

Last fall, during the first few weeks of Witch Bitch Thrift’s existence, we were contacted by a magical soul and asked to help her find a very special piece: her wedding dress. 🧡 We hit it off right away, and knew this connection was a rare & special kind.

Lacey, the creator behind @littlemoonscrystals, went from being a customer, to being a friend, and now a partner and collaborator.

We are VERY proud & excited to announce the Witch Bitch Thrift x Little Moons Crystals collab line:

🌿 Green Witch Body Butter
🌿 Vanilla Tropic Body Butter
🌿 Divine Focus Herbal Smoke
🌿 Sweet Dreams Herbal Smoke

The body butters are pure tactile magic, and the herbal smoke blends are magic that can both be burned on charcoal or smoked. 💨 Lacey’s love and energy were infused in each step, from planting & harvesting to creating & packaging.

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Find more of them here here:


April, 2021

Kat came highly recommended by Goddex Apothecary and when we asked her what kind of magic she’d like to create for this collab, she knew exactly what to do!

Use it as decor, jewelry holder, altar offering dish, plants, or whatever else you wish! How magical are these ceramic dishes?

Find them here:


March, 2021

Our dear friend Kim from The Creation Cauldron crafted WBT exclusive magical crocheted succulents. Each plant baby came in a decorated mini terracotta pot with an info card. How adorable are they?

Find more of Kim's creations at the WBT HQ.

Find them here:


January, 2021

Lauren from Vestal Candle spent weeks conjuring up WBT exclusive solid perfume. With the magic of elemental herbs mugwort, sage, thyme, and cinnamon, this perfume is enchanting & grounding, infusing every moment with blessed intention.

The WBT x Vestal Candle solid perfume will soon be available for purchase at the WBT HQ only.

Find them here:


December, 2020

We teamed up with Kass from Goddex Apothecary to create a WBT exclusive bath bomb that smells like heaven. Enhance your baths with essences of rose, cedar, vanilla, and clove, all infused with powdered moonwort. These are pure magic created with much love & intention.

The WBT x Goddex Apothecary bath bombs will soon be available for purchase at the WBT HQ only.

Find them here:


December, 2020

Shannara from Fae Treasures created Elder Futhark rune sets, an old form of divination - a runic alphabet that is based around symbols. This collaboration was nothing short of magic!

Find them here:


November, 2020

Marie from Born From Fire was our first collaboration in this project. We brought her incredible work into our packages, from a selection of stickers & enamel pins.

Born From Fire Designs also offers photography services and traditional style art and design.

Find them here:

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