Hoya Repotting Ritual | Sunday, Feb 11th, 2024

Hoya Repotting Ritual | Sunday, Feb 11th, 2024

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Join us for a Hoya Repotting Ritual, hosted by The Leaf Keepers!

When is this happening?
January 11, 2024
4 PM
at The Witch Bitch Black Box


This is a potting and ritual event, focused on learning about the Hoya plant (it's pet safe!) and doing a semi-traditional manifestation and intention ritual. 

Tickets are $40 per person, with only 16 spots available. 

Your ticket includes all necessary materials, including but not limited to:
- your plant
- your pot
- crystals to choose from
- herbs to choose from
- intention sachet
- & more

In this session you'll experience:
- a guided potting session
- a session about care instructions
- a guide to growing plants on a trellis
- a community moment learning about the energies the plant takes from the earth, the sun, and how you're able to use that to focus on your intentions and boost your own confidence in your manifestations

Who is this aimed for?
Everyone! Whether you're looking to attract romantic love, self-love, or comfort; whether you're a really witchy person or just someone looking to experiment; or maybe if you just want to connect with like-minded people and geek out about plants - this is the place for you!

We cannot wait to share this moment with you!