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We are a community focused witchy thrift & vintage shop with a storefront in New Haven Connecticut. We are size & gender inclusive - we carry from XS to 8x+, and never sort our clothes by men's and women's - here you shop by type & size always! :)

Speaking of size,
tag sizes are very arbitrary and unreliable. For this reason, we list all pieces on our website by their fit size (instead of tag).

We truly believe anyone can wear anything!

We're proudly owned & run by queer neurodivergent women. :)

We are happy you're here and look forward to serving you!

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Why thrifting?

It's Eco Friendly

Less clothing in landfills, less resources used & wasted, reduced carbon footprint, less pollution

It's Very Personal

It allows you to create your own style beyond the trends. Thrifted items are generally one-of-a-kind.

It's Wallet Friendly

When thrifting, you can find items priced much lower than their original selling price. Score!