We have completely revamped our buying systems.
Please read our updated guidelines below.

Got some cool clothes, accessories, or other goods that might fit our vibe? Sell them to Witch Bitch Thrift!


Are you local to New Haven Connecticut? 

Here is our UPDATED (as of 6/4/ schedule for how we accept your cool stuff!

Wed 12 pm - 5pm (lunch break 2 PM - 3PM)
Thu 12 pm - 5 pm (lunch break 2 PM - 3PM)

Fri 12 pm - 5 pm (lunch break 2 PM - 3PM)


Fri 11 am - 7 pm
Sat 11 am - 7 pm


We are located at 105 Whitney Ave, New Haven CT 06510.

Do you live farther away? 

WORRY NOT, you can ship your items to our shop directly!

105 Whitney Ave
New Haven CT 06510

In your box, please include a piece of paper with your name, phone number, and email address so that we may reach out to you.

After your package arrives, it should take at least 4 weeks to process your items, and we will follow up with you for next steps when we're done.


🔸 We can only accept two bins (OR two 13 gallon gargabe bags) worth of goods at a time. The bins we use are approximately 23x18x14.

🔸 If you have a larger batch of things you specifically think would do well in the store, please call or reach out to buying@witchbitchthrift.com to see if we can accommodate your batch.

🔸 Please be mindful of the condition of your items. Make sure the pieces are clean, without any stains, odors, holes, excessive pet fur, excessive stretching, or missing parts. Anything that is not in good enough condition will be returned to you or discarded.

what can I bring?

currently accepting:

Modern or Vintage clothes
Graphic Tees
Pants (NO JEANS, just other pants)
Button downs
Vintage lingerie
Lingerie (Must be unworn with tags)

Swimsuits (Must be unworn with tags)
Workout clothes (Must be unworn with tags)
Small decor items
Interesting artifacts
Home Goods
Small furniture (upon approval)

NOT currently accepting:

Used lingerie
Big Furniture
Most formal gowns

what's in it for me?

You can choose between 3 options:

Cash: 10% of value ($35 cap per person per day for Live Buying)
Credit: 15% of value
Mutual Aid: donate your 15% shop credit to the WBT Community Fund. Read more about it HERE.

Please note: at the end of the process, we will not provide you with a detailed breakdown of each item, but instead a total amount for either cash or credit.

how it works:

LIVE BUYING (Wed, Thu, Fri)

  • 🔸 Bring in your clothes to the front counter (no more than 2 bins of goods at a time)

  • 🔸 Fill out our check in form at the register and wait up front for the Buyer to come grab your things

  • 🔸 If you would like cash, feel free to look around or relax in the Black Box but please stick around for the next 30 minutes. After your clothes have been processed, come to the window across from the Black Box and pick up your payout slip. From there, bring your slip up to the front counter to receive your cash!

  • 🔸 If you would like store credit, you are all set to go! In about 30 minutes after the Buyer takes in your clothes, you will receive an email detailing how much credit you received and your new credit code!

  • 🔸 Please keep in mind: we have a buying payout cash limit for each day. If we have exceeded that limit for the day, only store credit will be available. We limit it to a $35 cash payout per person per day. If your batch runs over $35, you can get the remainder in shop credit or donate it to the Community Fund.


DROP OFFS (Fri, Sat, Sun)

  • 🔸 Bring in your clothes to the front counter (no more than 2 bins of goods at a time)

  • 🔸 Fill out a drop off sheet

  • 🔸 We will go through your drop off quickly to make sure it is up to standard and give you back any pieces that we cannot accept

  • 🔸 Once we accept your goods, you will receive an email from us confirming your drop off and you will be added to the queue. Please note that it takes a minimum of 4 weeks for your drop off to move through the queue, so your patience is greatly appreciated!

  • 🔸 When we have processed your drop off fully, we will send you an email a Payout email with your totals. If you would like cash, you can come pick it up in store only* after we send you a cash pick up confirmatioin email. If you would like credit, we will process that and send your credit code along with your payout email.

  • *electronic payments like Venmo or PayPal are not available. If you cannot pick up your cash payment, please select Store Credit or Community Fund.


other things to keep in mind:

🔸 Once your items are priced and entered into your buying tally, they are mixed into our general inventory. By dropping off your items at WBT, you understand that after that point, we will be unable to retrieve or return your items to you.

🔸 Since pieces are mixed into the inventory as they are priced, you might see your piece on social media before you hear from us. But don't worry! You should receive an email shortly with your totals.

🔸 Please be mindful that the Drop Off process can take 4 weeks at minimum, and a WBT representative will be in touch when your payout is ready, with no need to follow up. We do not have the bandwidth to respond to individual inquiries about pending drop-offs and appreciate your patience!

🔸 By selling your items to WBT, you confirm that you have read and accepted our buying process & policies. If you have any questions, reach out to us through the form below.


Got questions? Reach out!

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