Collection: New Arrivals | April 24th | The Whimsigoth Collection

Where are our 90s lovers? 🪐 We recently learned about Whimsigoth, the 90s-inspired aesthetic that mixes the heaviness of goth with a more magical & whimsical flair - think Practical Magic, The Craft, earthy tones, celestial motifs, & velvets. 🌜

If you think we were so inspired we HAD TO immediately create something with it, you are correct. We present you: The Whimsigoth Collection!

But also...a Whimsigoth playlist? WE GOT YOU! 🪐

If you didn’t know, both Eva & I are musicians and big music nerds, so it only felt right to make you a special playlist to inspire you on this whimsical Sunday! 🌜 Save the playlist on Spotify! 🎵
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