updated 04/19/2023


April Update - 04/19/23

We have sent an email to all customers who ordered Mystery Bundles, with the following information:

At this time, we have started to simply offer cancellations on Mystery Bundles, along with our sincerest apologies. We were 2 months into business when we launched these and had no idea they were going to blow up - we were definitely not prepared to handle that. We have learned a lot from this experience, and have since worked to offer a much better service to our customers!

To resolve this, we can offer you either a full refund on the order, or we can give you the full order amount + 20% extra in shop credit if you'd like to give us another chance.

To process your cancellation, please fill out the form below.

Again, we are so sorry for this mistake and we hope to give you a much better experience in the future!

Mystery Bundle Cancellation Request
After receiving your request, we will process the cancellation of your Mystery Bundle order and issue you the refund of your choosing.

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Thank you for contacting us - we will respond to all credit requests in the order they are received.